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Image by Paul Hanaoka

A New Way...

To keep things fun and interesting, I have discovered a way to create my newsletter right on my website! 

To participate you MUST follow these instructions!

1. Click a blog below.

2. It will tell you that if you'd like to read more you need to subscribe; click the "subscribe now" button and complete the FREE (forever) subscription. 


Thats it! Once you sign up you will get an email telling you that you are subscribed!  (This will go to your regular mail.) When I post a new blog (at a minimum on the first of the month) you will get a teaser email letting you know new fun stuff is available! There will be a button to click to take you to the blog. (This email is likely to go to promotions or spam so keep an eye out and make it a trusted email source!)

Mosaic Hooker Newsletter

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