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Pattern Corrections and Support

"To err is human; to forgive, divine." - Alexander Pope

From the time I begin to work on a design (not including the actual design creation time) to the time I release it is, on average, six months. This includes working out the chart details, writing the pattern, a first edit, then testing, then a second edit. I always make my best effort to create perfect patterns but, it seems to be my trademark move to leave in at least one. I appreciate the kindness and patience you have always shown me with this!

I have created this page for anyone who is looking for pattern corrections. With my Etsy shop, Lovecrafts shop, and this shop I am unable to send out a document update however, if you email me with your order information I will be happy to send you the updated copies!

Please find below patterns that have had corrections. Also, please find any additional information that I have created to help support you in your journey. 

Pattern Corrections:


Chart: Row 85, Column 55 there is an X over another X in row 84. The X in row 85 should be removed. 


Chart: Rows 100 and up, the numbers were unreadable. They can now be seen.


Written: Row 85 reads 1 B, 12 dcflo, 10 scblo, 11 dcflo, 2 scblo, 5 dcflo, 10 scblo, 1 dcflo, 3 scblo, 25 dcflo, 14 scblo, 11 dcflo....

Bold should be corrected to 4 scblo, 24 dcflo


Ravelry documents corrected on: 6/16/2024

If you purchased in Etsy, in Lovecrafts, or on my website please email me with your order number and I will send you the corrected document!

Many have asked what yarn was used in my pattern. For me, I have a lot of stash yarn which is what I used to get my rainbow. But for anyone looking at buying, I have curated the following list from Lovecrafts. Brand is Stylecraft Special DK.

Fuchia Purple 1827, Blush 1833, Saffron 1081, Citron 1263, Lime 1712, Meadow 1065, Sage 1725, Denim 1302, Grape 1067. (see image to the right)

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