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The Full Story

You can now "apply" to be a tester directly through my website. I am always in need of testers! What does it take to be a tester?

  1. Facebook messenger. I run a chat exclusive to each project.

  2.  Communiation. As a designer I'd like to be able to see progress of the work every week or so to verify everything is going well. I also need to know if someone is off course, has questions (any and all questions - I want to hear them all!).

  3.  Confidentiality. If I share a photo for a new test, or you are signed up to test and you now have parts of the pattern, I need to trust you will not share it with others!

  4. Time. I will give a timeline for when the project is due, and I do need that project completed by that time. I completely respect if you do not have time to work on something, I just ask that you do not sign up for projects you knowingly will not have time to finish. There is nothing wrong with that and I am sure there will be more projects coming along!

  5.  Ability to photograph. I will provide you some example photos of a project and just ask that you do your very best to photograph your project on a blank or neutral background and take photos similar to the ones I have provided.


Testing is supposed to be fun! Crochet is supposed to be fun!

Applying to be a Tester

Would you be interested in testing for me? I am always in need of testers! Please use the form below to send me a message. Please include:

  • Why you are interested in testing for me,

  • Why you are interested in testing overlay mosaic crochet,

  • A link to any social media you may have with completed crochet projects,

  • How long a blanket size project might take you (approx. 200 stitches wide by 200 stitches tall as an estimate),

  • Have you ever tested overlay mosaic crochet before, and if so, for who?

Let’s Work Together

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