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Just Bee

Just Bee


BONUS: I have included in your download the mini bee pattern as well; as a separate file.



The “Just Bee” crochet pattern for 2024 is a delightful and whimsical creation that brings the charm of bees and floral elements to life. This enchanting design seamlessly combines the intricate art of crochet with the beauty of nature. The pattern features adorable bee motifs buzzing among delicate and vibrant floral arrangements, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness and elegance. “Just Bee” is not just a crochet project; it’s a celebration of the wonders of the natural world, inviting you to immerse yourself in the joy of creating a piece that radiates positivity and charm.


223 stitches wide by 291 rows.


No specific border


Experience: Beginner. There are no special stitches!

Knit companion is a great tool for keeping track of where you are in the pattern too.


Language/Terminology: US Terms

Stitches used: Double crochet Front Loop Only (dcflo) and Single
Crochet Back Loop Only (scblo)


Technique: Overlay Mosaic Crochet


Pattern Includes:
Chart with symbols.
Written directions with pattern notes/guides and stich notes/guides. Visuals for special stitches.
Printable chart pattern and one large chart for devices and tools like Knit Companion.
No Border is called out.


You can use any yarn and appropriate hook size to work this project.

Estimates are based on DK yarn and 4.5 hook.
MC - est. 2900 yards
CC - est 2300 yards
(Estimates do not include a border. No specific border is required.)


Log your project!


YouTube Support


The most gigantic thank you ever to my testers!!!!!
Bria Johnston
Jen Norton
Tracey May Row
Elaine Strong

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