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Wild Harmony

Wild Harmony


Living in a log home nestled in the woods brings a profound sense of tranquility and inspiration throughout all seasons, constantly influencing my crochet designs. Each day, I am surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods and in the fall the deer beneath the pines can be incredibly beautiful! My "Wild Harmony" collection, featuring motifs of pinecones, pine trees, and buck deer, emerged from my surroundings. I designed it in independent sections, allowing for versatile use and endless creative possibilities!


249 stitches wide by 315 rows. For full blanket as shown.


Estimated size: 5.5’ wide by 7’ tall without border. For full blanket as shown.  


No specific border


Experience: Beginner/intermediate. There are no special stitches! Knit companion (free version) is a great tool for keeping track of where you are in the pattern too. If you intend to use color changing techniques this will take a bit more knowledge and skill. Join my FB group Mosaic Hooker Chat Café to ask questions if needed!


Language/Terminology: US Terms


Stitches used: Double crochet Front Loop Only (dcflo) and Single

Crochet Back Loop Only (scblo)


Technique: Overlay Mosaic Crochet


Pattern Includes:

-Chart with symbols for each motif.

-Written directions with pattern notes/guides and stich notes/guides for each motif.

-Printable chart pattern and one large chart for devices and tools like Knit Companion for each motif.


No Border is called out.



You can use any yarn and appropriate hook size to work this project.


Estimates are based on DK yarn and 4 hook.

MC - est. 3100 yards

CC - est 3500 yards

(Estimates do not include a border. No specific border is required.)

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