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I have many of gardens around my house and one plant that constantly seems to constantly find its way into all of them is the Peony. I think I stopped counting one time when I was up and over 65 of them throughout my yard!

So, in keeping with my love of florals I decided to create a Peony pattern!

Experience: Advanced (although a confident beginner really could work this if they took it slow - there are pattern notes to support the special stitches.

Language/Terminology: US Terms

Technique: Overlay Mosaic Crochet

Pattern Includes:
Chart with symbols.
Written directions with pattern notes/guides and stich notes/guides. Visuals for special stitches.

You can use any yarn and appropriate hook size to work this project.
Estimates are based on DK yarn and 4.5 hook.
MC - est. 2300-2500 yards
CC - est 1400-1700 yards
(estimates do not include a border. No specific border is required)

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