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Crocheting (and practically all other crafts) heal us. It can bring us satisfaction, can calm our minds (all jokes aside because…I’ve been there!), bring us satisfaction and joy. The rhythm of the back and forth between our hands working the hook and the yarn even has a magical way of helping us process information our brains are struggling with. And when we share our magic with others, we give them healing as well. All of this leads me to why I named this piece Brighid.

As Brighid (also Brigid) She is an Irish triple goddess, often depicted as three sisters, overseeing aspects of healing, smithcraft, and poetry. In Irish lore Brighid is the daughter of the Dagda and the wife of Bres, gods on opposite sides of a great conflict. (from


Do not fret about the number of pages in this pattern (it’s a lot!)! You are getting two versions. A row by row version and, a center out version.


213 stitches wide by 213 rows. Or 106 rounds (center out). For full blanket as shown.


Estimated size: 53” wide by 53” tall without border. For full blanket as shown.  


No specific border other than what is worked into the pattern.


Experience: Beginner/intermediate. There are no special stitches! Knit companion (free version) is a great tool for keeping track of where you are in the pattern too.

Go to my youtube channel for support on the center out version:


Language/Terminology: US Terms


Stitches used: Double crochet Front Loop Only (dcflo) and Single

Crochet Back Loop Only (scblo)


Technique: Overlay Mosaic Crochet


Pattern Includes a set of the following for both the center out and row by row version:

-Chart with symbols

-Written directions with pattern notes/guides.

-Printable chart pattern and one large chart for devices and tools like Knit Companion.



You can use any yarn and appropriate hook size to work this project.


Estimates are based on DK yarn and 4 hook.

MC - est. 2100 yards

CC - est 2100 yards

(Estimates do not include further borders.)

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